yamaguchi x-mas city



Ouchi who was assigned by the Muromachi Shogunate in Muromachi era (1336-1573). He made a lot of efforts to build the reputation of the city. He imitated the city planning of Kyoto, Korea and China and accumulated culture, knowledge. Yamaguchi flourished resulting in great economic growth and rich culture city in the west of Japan.
Francisco Xavier who came at that time, the 31st lord of Suo Yoshitaka allowed Xavier to do missionary works and Christmas service on 9th of December 1552(lunar calendar) which is 24th December 1552. This was recognized as the first Christmas service held in Japan.

Reference : Matsuda Kiichi, Kawasaki Momo Translation "Floy Japan History" Central public opinion company Murakami Naojiro Translated "Continuing Hokkaido Hayato Yayoi Nippon Telecommunication (Bungo)" Vol.1,Vol.2, 1936, Imperial Education Publishing Division


In December Yamaguchi city will turn to Christmas town.

We celebrate based upon the friendship bonding between Ouchi Yoshitaka and St. Francis Xavier with Yamaguchi. This started bonding with others towns in Japan following on from Yamaguchi, who were fascinated by Xavier and their town and the linking to families and friends. Yamaguchi is the city of bonding.
We, as Christmas citizens will create a future town where peace and culture will flourish through understanding the origins of the city.




1. Ouchi Yoshitaka X Francis= Xavier
2. Xavier
3. X-mas

Two different things are joint into the center of the crest of Ouchi. This is symbolic of Ouchi culture. This is the result of a cultural diversity in Yamaguchi City.

  • orange

    Gingko tree colour. This is the city tree of Yamaguchi.

  • red

    The flag colour of Navarre province in Spain is red.